You would think that buying a phone system (see full range) would’ve gotten easier not harder over the years.  In days gone by you had to choose between brands at that was really the extent of it.  Now you have to choose between different brands and different phone system technologies.  What was a 3 or 4 horse race has now multiplied to a 20+ Melbourne Cup field.

We genuinely feel sorry for the consumer.  One phone system company will tell you one thing, and another will tell you the complete opposite.  So where does that leave you?  In complete and utter frustration pulling your hair out and then settling on the salesperson or a price you felt you could live with.  For many it almost becomes a choice of the lesser of two evils.

It’s such a frustrating scenario that many customers that start shopping around simply give up before they do anything at all.  They would rather stay with their out-dated phone system status quo than listen to one more technology acronym.

Today’s phone system technology is able to change company productivity like never before.  This is why it’s so annoying to us.  Many customers simply think that by replacing their existing system they are only getting a new piece of plastic on their desks.  5 years ago that may be true – NOT NOW!   As workplaces change and the delivery of information changes so must the methods in which we communicate to adapt to this new way of life.   To give you an idea we’ve compiled a simple list of phone system features that have literally changed the way companies work:

  1. Video conferencing on your mobile – SAY WHAT!  That’s right you can now be part of office video conferences anywhere you have data on your mobile device.
  2. Staff working from home – they can now have an office phone with all the features right at home.  It’s just like they are in the office and customers can’t tell the difference.
  3. An office in your pocket (we love this one ourselves)  – by loading applications on your iPhone or Android device you can get your office desk phone features on your mobile phone.  This means you can conference, take call, transfer, access system directories and everything else.

This is only three but there are another 100 that customers should look at.  As the world and its workers become increasingly mobile you need to change the way your staff communicate to adapt and change.   A modern phone system solution can offer you SO MUCH MORE than a new piece of plastic.  The phone system features that are available right now are game changing in a way we’ve never experienced before.

So don’t give up because the only person that’ll lose out will be you.  Speak to various companies and uncover as much as you can about the phone system features available.  We have so many customers that implement a new phone system simply because one feature can save them so much or improve productivity so dramatically.  Just one feature could change the way you work forever.