There has been lots of talk about the NBN and the apparent benefit it’s bringing to everyday Australians. But what exactly is the NBN and how will it ACTUALLY benefit your business?

Basically – the NBN roll out is and upgrade to Australia’s copper telecommunications infrastructure, and is being carried out by the NBN Co.

When it is installed in your area, existing copper networks will be removed, you’ll have access to faster internet, and the way you make phone calls in and out of your business will change as well.

It won’t be long before the NBN reaches your business; and it’s that last point that is catching a lot of business owners unprepared.

As the NBNco disconnects all the existing telco infrastructure across the country, making sure your phone system will work with the NBN should be one of your top priorities today.

The most important thing to know is that the NBN isn’t a choice.

Once it’s in your area, you’ll have a certain amount of time to migrate all of your services to an NBN solution. That includes your phone lines, internet service, fax machines, EFTPOS, and your phone system. Yep – everything!

Traditional PSTN phone lines will be removed or made redundant, and the future for your Phone System will be VoIP. The way you make phone calls will change, and you will need to prepare your business before the existing infrastructure is made redundant.

As we mentioned – the NBN isn’t a choice. That means VoIP isn’t really a choice either, so getting to understand what it is and how it works will benefit you no matter what.

We strongly suggest getting an NBN-Ready Audit done at your office as soon as possible, so a qualified technician, not sales person, can assess what technology you have, and how the NBN will affect each piece.

Don’t wait until the NBN is live and you are rushed into a poor business decision, enquire about an NBN Audit today.