This news is so good it is almost unbelievable – getting your phone system for FREE! However, this is exactly what happened with one accounting company based in North Sydney. With all of the expenses of running a business, cutting costs without compromising on quality is surely what small-business owners need!

So, we are going to tell you how this accounting firm managed to get their phone system for no cost and saved money every month on phone calls, and how you can do it too!

Here is a comparison of the costs for the accounting firm between opting for a traditional copper phone system vs the Hosted VoIP Phone System they chose:

Hosted Vs Traditional Phone System Cost Comparison Table

That is a saving of almost 25% a year! Plus no upfront install costs.

1. Say Goodbye to Expensive Hardware

With traditional copper phone systems, you pay for the hardware upfront. This can be incredibly costly, with average traditional small-business phone systems costing anywhere for $1000 upfront for basic hardware to $10,000+ through the lifetime of the system. This accounting firm opted instead to work with a Cloud-based phone system. By using a cloud-based phone system, the accounting firm saved themselves this outright cost!  Instead, the hardware is included in the monthly subscription, much like a mobile phone contract.

2. Cut Call Costs

Another benefit of using the cloud-based phone system is the call rates. The cloud system uses VoIP – which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a broad term that covers any phone call made using an internet connection as it digitally transmits a voice signal to another telephone. VoIP technology is used on Skype and WhatsApp, and now a business-grade version of VoIP is available in Hosted Phone Systems too!

This meant the accounting firm saved on old-school line rentals and call rates by making their calls over the internet instead – a smart, modern move. These call cost savings alone made the hosted phone system a better option for the accounting firm.

3. No Extra Cabling

One of the biggest expenses when purchasing a new phone system is the initial cabling costs. Often times, when a company is setting up a new system, they find that the office is not equipped for their needs, and so new cables must be laid in the office to accommodate a phone system. This can really add up! However, as this accounting firm opted for a cloud-based system, so they could ‘daisy chain’ their computers Ethernet cables together with the new phone systems.

4. Free Features

Cloud (or Hosted) phone systems are feature rich! The systems include voicemail-to-email technology, music on hold, auto-attendant, call-transfer, call-waiting and SO much more! Even better – adding additional features is free! So, you can upgrade your system to suit your needs without paying anything extra. How great is that?


So there you have it! By choosing a cloud-based VoIP system, the accounting firm in Sydney managed to get their system for free & saved money on their monthly phone bill! No cabling costs, no feature payments and no outright hardware costs. Rather, they pay a set fee each month that includes everything, just as we all do with our mobile phone contracts. Having the NBN made this opportunity possible, as with better internet speeds and bandwidth, VoIP solutions are becoming an option for us all!

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will be the same for you. How much you pay for your system all depends on your current set-up. To check out if you can get a free phone system too, give one of our friendly advisers a call on 1300 889 792 – we are here to help you upgrade your business & save you money.

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