Want to present a national image to your clients, but also want to reach that local market with phone numbers across the country? Better still, do you want all of those numbers to be automatically directed straight to your head office?

Incoming Interstate, Regional, or Out-Of- Area numbers are a fantastic way to create a national presence with multiple phone numbers across the country, while still allowing your customers to possibly reduce their call costs by calling you via a local call – no matter how far away you are.

For example, you could be based in Melbourne, but have additional interstate (out-of-area) phone numbers in, say NSW (02) & QLD (07), all answering in your Melbourne office without any additional redirection or forwarding charges – just one simple low monthly rate.

Operate locally in different suburbs? No problem, just get Bankstown, Penrith and Bondi phone numbers.

Have field staff across the country but no offices? Easy, just get Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne phone numbers.

Closing your remote offices? Don’t lose the local phone numbers, or pay for costly redirections anymore.

If your business could benefit from a fleet of national phone numbers working for you, make sure you check out the video, and call us to find out how to get your own Interstate Number today!