Are you looking for new or used telephone handsets?  You’ve come to the right place.  Infiniti carries a massive range of leading brands at everyday low prices.  All our new telephone handsets come with complete manufacturer warranties and our used handsets are completely cleaned, tested and refurbished for your peace of mind and hygiene.

Before you buy extra telephone handsets becasue you think yours are broken or faulty here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to be sure:

  1. Plug other working telephone handsets into the port where you broken one is.  This way if the replacement handset also doesn’t work you know it’s not the telephone.  In this case in can be the cabling or even a faulty digital port in the phone system itself.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing the same issues?  This could be an indicator that it is more likely to be a telephone system fault than a handset issue.
  3. Do you need replacement telephone handsets or just specific parts like a new curly cord.  Sometimes people throw the baby out with the bathwater!
  4. Always keep your broken handsets as they become a good source of spare parts for potential future requirements – i.e. it might be just the hand piece that is broken and in future you might have a phone that dies but the hand piece works perfectly.  You can Frankenstein the spare parts together to create fully operational telephone handsets.

These are just a few helpful tips that have saved customers $1000’s over the years before they simply go and buy extra telephone handsets for no good reason.

If you are getting telephone handsets because you are expanding

If you’re expanding and need extra phones you may also need extra licences or cards on your phone system.  We have a lot of customers (where we didn’t provide the pabx) that have been supplied extra telephone handsets only to find they won’t all work.  Remember, every phone needs it’s own port and cable to the pabx.  Even though your system may have capacity for extra staff it doesn’t mean it is physically equipped for them.  You need to speak to one of our experts and ascertain if you may need extra digital cards or licences.   This is very important because when customers call they often need the staff telephone handsets operational ASAP.  Needing extra cards can delay this process so you’re better to be sure from the start.

We hope this has been helpful and stops you either getting phones you don’t need or handsets that won’t connect.

As always please feel free to talk with our friendly experts and we’ll point you in the right direction.