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Alcatel Lucent Phone Handsets

Alcatel-Lucent offers both digital and IP handsets to suit the Alcatel OMNI PCX phone systems. The handsets are unique in design and offer some of the smartest and most intelligent layouts on offer. You are able to mix and match phones from any series so speak to one of our experts and see whether IP or digital, or both, are the smartest way for you to go.

Alcatel 9 Series Phone Handsets

The Alcatel 9 series digital phones are identical in looks and most functionality to the 8series range. The difference is these digital phones are cheaper than their IP counterparts and suit 90% of users. You should understand the benefits of IP before you spend the extra money. Either range will work with the Alcatel Omni PCX phone system range.

Alcatel 8 Series Phone Handsets

The Alcatel 8 series IP phones are a great choice for customers needing IP solutions. These IP models look the same as their digital counterparts from the 9 series above but are more expensive being an IP variant. Both the Alcatel digital and IP phones work with the Alcatel Omni PCX phone system range so speak to one of our experts to see if the extra money is well spent on IP handsets for your needs.

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