This is one of the most popular questions we get asked by customers.  The problem is that you’d think a curly cord would only cost about $10, but they don’t. If your handset is new replacement parts are easy to get – including curly cords.  However some manufacturers only sell them with the handset as well and you could pay $50-100!

Spare phone curly cord for handset

If your handset is older it really comes down to general availability.  Most second-hand phones are sold in their entirety.  This means that phone companies are not in a hurry to break them apart to simply supply the curly cord cable.

If your curly cord disconnects at each (under the phone and at the handset) you can buy any telephone curly cord.  There’s nothing overly special about them except sometimes they are different colours to suit phone system handsets.  In this event, you can buy them from any company irrespective of the brand of handset you may have.

You only need to buy a specific handset curly cord if it doesn’t disconnect from the hand piece.  Some of the earlier phones had the curly cord built in.  This is where it gets expensive and problematic becasue you often need to buy the hand piece and curly cord together.  In this instance you will need to buy the same model you had before so it will work with the rest of the handset.

Speak to our staff with your phone handset model and we will quickly be able to tell you if we’ve got a telephone handset curly cord to suit your needs.