Avaya IP Office Case Study: FitFlop

FitFlop is a company which started with just five employees and has rapidly grown into an internationally recognised footwear brand with over 200 staff worldwide. They needed a flexible telephone and communication solution that offered the company the advanced features it needed, and would cost-effectively grow as business boomed. Its older analog solution no longer… Read more »

VoIP Phone Systems – Which Type Is Right For You?

VoIP phone systems are taking over the communications world.  What started as a trickle some 10+ years ago has now turned into a raging torrent of popular demand.  And what’s not to like about them?  The stability issues that plagued VoIP phone systems years ago have been eradicated.  Now you get reliable IP solutions that… Read more »

13 HOT Features of AVAYA IP Office Phone System

The Avaya IP Office Phone systems is one of the worlds most popular solutions. With 100’s of features, it’s sure to fit your specific business needs. Here are 13 of it’s hottest features: One Main Equipment Scalable and flexible from 2 to 384 Extensions. User and Group Announcements Play a welcome courtesy message allowing you… Read more »

5 TIPS To Choosing Small Phone Systems

10 years ago it was SO much easier to choose between the small phone systems available. Solutions offered less and it was more about what extras you had to pay for with one brand versus another. Now you have a multitude of brands as well as different technologies available and it can be VERY confusing…. Read more »

Avaya – Customer Contact Center Solutions

Avaya provides Customer Contact solutions that meet the needs of the small to medium business. From the smallest company that requires the aptly designed Compact Business Center, to the larger enterprises that need advanced routing and multimedia integration with the Customer Contact Center, Avaya provides a robust solution whether you have 5 staff or a… Read more »

Avaya Compact Business Center (CBC) Overview

IP Office Compact Business Center is an entry-level management tool for small customer facing departments, typically handling from 2 to 15 agents. It provides graphs on real-time and historical information (up to 31 days) for up to three groups, as well as providing system-wide information on the operation of the system as a whole. It… Read more »

Get Your Business Ready For The “Converged” Future

Do you need a solution designed for the converged future? Avaya IP Office was designed to help companies benefit from the cost-savings and business advantages of Voice-over IP and voice/data convergence . . . and to do it when it is right for them. Using Avaya IP Office as a “converged” system lets you consolidate… Read more »

Avaya IP Office Conferencing Center [End of Life]

With the declining number of sales and the development of user-centric applications such as Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office, Avaya is announcing the End of Sale of Avaya IP Office Conferencing Center effective 8th February 2010. Discontinued Order Codes and Migration Strategy For those looking for a replacement to the Avaya IP Office Conference Center,… Read more »