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Messages On Hold for phone systems

Messages on hold is one of the easiest things you can add to a phone system to help your company sound more professional.  People commonly think that messages on hold is part of a system but it isn’t.  A pbx simply has “provision” to be able to play various message sources.  What actually plays is… Read more »

Telephone System For Small Office Marketing – Part 2.

Last time we covered tracking phone numbers to test the efficacy of your different marketing initiatives. Today we’ll expand on that and make it more online focused. With so many businesses having strong online presence it’s amazing how few companies consider phone metrics in their measurement of success. They do so to their own detriment!… Read more »

Telephone Systems For Small Business Marketing – Part 1

How on earth can a telephone system assist with marketing? It may seem silly but you can use your telephone system for small business to track callers and calculate which marketing initiatives are actually working. We’ve successfully used phone number tracking and split testing as part of our marketing strategy for years as have many… Read more »