Monthly Archives: April 2017

Power Outages And The NBN

If you think the NBN has been getting a bit of a bad wrap, it’s about to get worse. While we’re mostly hearing about speeds and installation woes, we’re not hearing a lot about one of the biggest issues all Australians face with the NBN: power. As this article points out, recent natural disasters and… Read more »

How Is Your Company Facing The Future?

What a recent survey reveals about SME’s, technology, and what business owners want the future to look like. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that the way we do business is changing; cloud-based solutions are revolutionising our networks and opening doors for SME’s on a worldwide market, barriers to communication and collaboration are breaking… Read more »

NBN and Phone System Cyclone Damage Update For Customers 06 April 2017

Dear Customers, We know that many customers are affected by the storms and everyone is getting together to repair things as soon as possible. Here is a quick update from the telecommunications networks across the country: Network field teams have been working with Emergency Services to access priority Network sites – exchange buildings and network… Read more »

Announcing A Revolutionary Customer Service Experience

April Foots 2017 Thumbnail image that says What will our clients think of this change At Infiniti Telecommunications we’re always looking for ways to innovate and use technology to make our customers experience more revolutionary. Our company slogan is ‘Making Communication Easy’ and we’re excited to announce our latest customer service development in line with this mantra. In All Seriousness. The promise we made from day one, which we will… Read more »