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Are You Getting Ripped Off On Your Commander Phones?

It’s staggering to know how many customers are still renting their commander phones even though their rental contract has long since expired. The ironic thing is the phone systems in question have been well and truly paid off. Most rental contracts are 48 or 60 months on commander phones. At the end of the rental… Read more »

Commander Phone – A Phone by Any Other Name

What’s in a name?  You have only to look at the words “Commander Phone” to realise the power of marketing.  Over the last 20 years Commander has spent millions building a brand that has become almost part of the consumer’s vernacular.  Customers call Infiniti for new phone systems, service work or even extra handsets and… Read more »

Commander Phone Systems – what are you being quoted?

Much to their credit “Commander phone systems” have become a generic term like “Kleenex” has for tissues. Many customers call and ask for a “commander phone system” quote not realising that it isn’t actually a brand. Commander have always purchased their systems from manufacturers and then relabelled them with the Commander branding. This is why… Read more »