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How Businesses are Getting a Free NBN Transition Plan

Image with a woman holding a phone looking surprised and the text - How Businesses are Getting a Free NBN Transition Plan The NBN is coming – if you haven’t transitioned to the NBN yet, then you surely will soon. Understanding how the NBN can affect your business is confusing enough, so considering how your business will transition from your current situation to the NBN can be even more confusing! At Infiniti Communications we want to help… Read more »

Why We Now Offer Unlimited Data

In this article, we will go through why and how we are offering unlimited NBN data for business. Australia has been undergoing a massive change in how we use the internet. To the point, we use a lot more of it. We now use the internet differently. It is no longer for simply searching for… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To NBN Speed Tiers

It’s no surprise to may of us that the NBN can be confusing, particularly when it comes to NBN speed tiers. While your Internet Service Provider (should) ensure your business gets the best speed available, at the end of the day it is NBN Co. who govern the way your NBN is supplied to you,… Read more »

4 Steps To Easily Move Your Business To The NBN inc. Checklist

It’s fair to say that by now every Australian business has heard of the NBN. But while it’s one thing to know that there’s a new fibre network rolling out across the country, it’s quite another to have the right information about how to prepare and transition your business to the NBN. There has not… Read more »

20 Surprising Facts and Figures About The NBN Rollout

We’re always finding out new information about the NBN rollout, how people are responding to it, and the many hiccups that are happening along the way, so we’ve compiled this handy page of facts and figures to help you get a quick picture of what the NBN is all about. NBN Rollout When the NBN… Read more »

Power Outages And The NBN

If you think the NBN has been getting a bit of a bad wrap, it’s about to get worse. While we’re mostly hearing about speeds and installation woes, we’re not hearing a lot about one of the biggest issues all Australians face with the NBN: power. As this article points out, recent natural disasters and… Read more »

VoIP Phone System – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Every day we are asked what the best VoIP phone systems are for for small business. And If you want to find out more about buying the best VoIP-friendly version of a PBX phone system you’re not alone. This buyer’s guide will give you everything you need to make an informed choice when it comes… Read more »

7 Facts You Must Know About NBN Ready Phone Systems

We see and hear a lot of confusion about the NBN, and in particular when it comes to people asking us about purchasing an NBN Ready Phone System. The truth is that, while the NBN is changing the way we communicate and opening up new opportunities for small businesses across Australia, it’s also not the… Read more »