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11 Easy Ways To Stop PBX & VoIP Hacking

PBX & VOIP Hacking PBX & VOIP hacking is responsible for millions of dollars in losses for organisations each year, and it’s having a massive impact on Australian businesses. Who will protect your business from hackers? PBX & VOIP hacking can result is a substantial amount of unauthorized call charges on your telecommunications account from people… Read more »

A Hosted PBX May Spell The End of Phone Systems

5 years ago if you had asked our experts if a Hosted PBX is as good as a traditional phone system you’d have been laughed out of the room. Today it’s hosted customers that are doing the laughing. So what is a hosted pbx? A PBX is simply an acronym for the “Private Branch Exchange”… Read more »

Telephone Systems and VoIP Technology

Modern telephone systems have changed dramatically in the past few years.  With the rapid uptake of VoIP by the general business market, telephone systems are now squarely targeted and designed with this in mind. (You can view the full range of telephone systems available here) So what types of VoIP functionality do telephone systems offer? Basically… Read more »

What’s an IP Phone System? How does it work?

Let’s start with the basics and progress from there.  An IP Phone System is simply a telephone system that allows users to connect both VoIP phone lines and IP handsets.  IP is an acronym to describe “Internet Protocol” and VoIP is simply and extension of this as “Voice over Internet Protocol”.  It means that rather… Read more »

How Professional Services Firms Are Using Unified Communications to Maximize Success

Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, consultants and other professionals within small and midsize services organisations have always needed the ability to deliver services that will differentiate them from their competitors. In today’s business landscape, the need has taken on a new urgency. To say the current economy is teetering precariously, or that competition between firms… Read more »

How Effective Communications Can Deliver Real Results for Your Small Business

Today’s new IP-based telephone systems are designed with capabilities small businesses can use to attract more customers, expand operations, streamline routine customer transactions and so much more. Here we look at four key ways any growing business can benefit from today’s new IP-based communications solutions, including taking advantage of built-in cost savings. The New IP-Based… Read more »

VoIP Phone Systems – Which Type Is Right For You?

VoIP phone systems are taking over the communications world.  What started as a trickle some 10+ years ago has now turned into a raging torrent of popular demand.  And what’s not to like about them?  The stability issues that plagued VoIP phone systems years ago have been eradicated.  Now you get reliable IP solutions that… Read more »