The Ultimate Guide To NBN Speed Tiers

It’s no surprise to may of us that the NBN can be confusing, particularly when it comes to NBN speed tiers. While your Internet Service Provider (should) ensure your business gets the best speed available, at the end of the day it is NBN Co. who govern the way your NBN is supplied to you,… Read more »

What Is An On-Premise Phone System? And How They Work

On premise phone systems have been around for years now, and this article will cover the question that many business owners have; “What is an on-premise phone system and how do they work for small businesses?” No matter what kind of phone system you’re looking at (or we’re talking about!), the NBN is a major… Read more »

An Easy Guide to Porting Telephone Numbers

When it comes to phone services, one of the biggest concerns for small businesses is about how they can switch their telephone number from one carrier to another, or from traditional PSTN lines to VoIP. The NBN is bringing massive changes to the way businesses communicate, in particular, the fact that everyone has to take… Read more »

What Is A Cloud PBX Phone System?

Cloud PBX is the new best thing in business, and this article will cover the question that many business owners have; “What is a Cloud PBX  and how do they work for small businesses?” The NBN will change the face of communication forever. Faster internet speeds will open up many new opportunities for small businesses,… Read more »

3 Easy Step To Add Contacts To iPECS Phone System Directories

In this article, we will show you how to give us all the information we need to pre-program your phone directory/speed dials when we install your new phone system. Every phone system comes with the ability to have preprogrammed phone numbers saved into a directory. Just like the contact list on your mobile phone. This… Read more »