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5 Reasons Why Hosted Phone Systems Are Taking Over Australia

Image that says Hosted Phone Systems Hosted Phone Systems – if you haven’t yet heard of them, you’re certain to soon. Hosted Phone Systems are the technology that thousands of our customers are moving to, and with good reason! Their low cost and ease-of-use, combined with improved internet speeds across Australia, makes Hosted Systems an easy option for companies all over the country. What is… Read more »

How To Install A Phone System

In this article, we will go through how to install a phone system. There are different ways to install a phone system. Some users want to save some money and try to install a system themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of problems and complications. Other users have a remote installation process with Hosted… Read more »

An Easy Guide to Porting Telephone Numbers

When it comes to phone services, one of the biggest concerns for small businesses is about how they can switch their telephone number from one carrier to another, or from traditional PSTN lines to VoIP. The NBN is bringing massive changes to the way businesses communicate, in particular, the fact that everyone has to take… Read more »

6 Popular Features Of A Small Business Phone System

Many customers have absolutely no idea what technology is currently available. They’re used to their 10-year-old basic phone system and think that because the new ones look similar that they must work the same. Manufacturers have kept some handsets with a similar look and feel because that’s what customers are used to. But that’s where… Read more »

How do Phone Systems for Business Work?

Many customers have no idea how phone systems for business actually work so we thought we’d take the time to explain it. The brains of the operation: First, there is the main equipment.  This is also referred to as the switch, pabx, pbx or IP pbx – depending on the technology it is designed to… Read more »

6 Tips to Buying The Correct Business Phone Handsets

It can be very confusing knowing which business phones to attach to your phone system and most phone companies don’t make it an easier.  We’ve tried to simply the process of buying business phones in a few helpful hints: 1. Expensive Business Phones are Not Always the Best Phone companies are always trying to push… Read more »